Tissue Repair and Electrotherapy

In recent years, a popular course has been the combination of the Tissue Repair materials with the Electrotherapy content, bringing them together in a combination that appeals to many outpatient and musculoskeletal based therapists, those in private practice and those from a wide range of therapies who are involved with this client group (sports therapists, sports rehabilitation, osteopaths, chiropractors . . . . and an increasing number of Animal Therapists.)

Clearly you can't fit the whole of tissue repair and the whole of electrotherapy into a single day, but by focussing on the key elements of each, a very useful combination is achieved.

The nornal programme is to look at Tissue Repair during the morning session and then to use the afternoon to consider the key electrotherapy modalities that most directly influence tissue repair : Ultrasound Therapy, Laser Therapy and Pulsed Shortwave Therapy. Additionally, some mention is made of Microcurrent Therapy and Shockwave Therapy - emerging technologies that are becoming clinically popular and for which there is a growing body of research evidence.

ElectrotherapyUK can organise this programme for you if it would suit your needs (hazel@electrotherapyuk.co.uk)