Hands On Courses

Hands On courses can be accommodated for groups who want to explore the practical as well as the theoretical aspects of a particular modality or combination of modalities.

A one day session on a single modality works well - going right through from the basics of what the modality is, what the evidence says that it can (and can not) achieve, considering clinical doses and then going on to look at use of machines, treatment techniques using general and specific clinical examples and includes a consideration of clinical precautions and contraindications.

This type of course suits those who have not covered electrotherapy in their professional training or those who are looking for a comprehensive retraining or wanting to catch up following a career break.

The modalities most often dealt with in these sessions include Ultrasound Therapy, Interferential Therapy, TENS, Muscle Stimulation (NMES), Microcurrent Therapy and Shockwave , though programmes on Biofeedback, Russian Stimulation / Burst Mode Alternating Current (BMAC) and Iontophoresis have also been delivered.

The key consideration when trying to set up a Hands On session are that we do need practical facilities (treatment room / plinths etc), and that the numbers attending need to be limited - usually to a maximum of 24.

If a dedicated Hands On course is what you are looking for, then contact us at ElectrotherapyUK (hazel@electrotherapyuk.co.uk) and we will work with you to arrange the programme content that suits you, together with all the details that will make the day suitable for you.