Feedback from Courses

Below are some absolutely genuine comments and feedback that we have received for the courses run by ElectrotherapyUK and presented by Tim :

"Excellent, fun filled but educational"

"Superb knowledge & great delivery"

" . . so very glad that I attended . . ."

"Understood more today than over the last 37 years!!"

"Excellent course. Prof Tim is a brilliant lecturer; he has a fantastic delivery (great sound effects too!), is supremely knowledgeable and presents information in a way that is easy to digest"

"Very informative day "

"Excellent refresher course - blew some of my long held theories out of the water"

"Inspiring speaker and interesting to hear that electrotherapy has an evidence-based future"

"Succinct, clear, no jargon - excellent"

"A brilliant learning experience"

"Makes a potentially confusing subject very easy to understand"

" . . fantastic course which makes you rethink your current practice....Great for newly qualified staff wanting to consolidate knowledge.....or for more qualified to update their evidence base. Well presented and topics broken down into managable chunks. Despite being more a theoretical course I found it engaging throughout!"

"Made a complicated subject very understandable"

"As ever, fantastic enthusiasm and knowledge"

"Excellent - very easy to ask questions"

"Excellent - one of the best courses I have ever attended"

"Answered all my questions before I needed to ask them . . . . . ."

"As someone who knew nothing, this day was an excellent intro - feel raring to get started with ultrasound "

"Excellent, entertaining and confidence boosting"

"Comprehensive handouts"

"As ever a great course full of relevant , evidence based material expertly applied to the clinical context"

"Tim made the whole day more fun than I was expecting! NB: My expectations were quite high!!"

"Tim Watson is a superb and entertaining lecturer. His research and evidence/ refs are meticulous"

"Wonderful to to listen . . . please do not consider retiring"