Bespoke Electrotherapy Courses and Programmes


It is possible to spend the whole day on a single modality (days on TENS or Ultrasound for example) and tailoring the day to meet your specific needs can usually be accommodated

For example - a 1 day programme on Ultrasound including theory and practical sessions with specific reference to Hand Therapy - a course that has been delivered several times for combined Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy groups.

Another example might be a whole day on Interferential Therapy for Osteopaths who wanted to catch up with both the basic principles, clinical application and to explore what different machines have to offer.

Other examples which have been run include :

A day course on the Use of TENS in Oncology and Palliative Care

Electrotherapy for Football Club Therapists

Electrotherapy for Animal Therapists

Electrotherapy and Massage Therapy for Soft Tissue Injury

Tissue Repair in the Elderly

There are a whole host of possibilities, so if you have something specific in mind, e mail ElectrotherapyUK ( and we will work with Tim and come up with a programme that suits you best.